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About Us

Augmented Reality Inc.

A San Francisco based organization, our company was founded by professionals with many decades of skilled trades training and support experience. The company was created to solve three key problems for large industrial companies that employ large numbers of skilled trades personnel in often highly customized work settings.

  1. The need to provide training and support when, where and how it is needed.
  2. The need to retain the often undocumented tribal knowledge of veteran workers retiring in increasing numbers.
  3. The need to support the new generation of skilled trades employees.

Information Shortage

Generational turnover is accelerating and is leaving in its wake a massive information shortages which are always expensive and often dangerous. Our services include working with your departing people to create the education content needed to “fill in the holes” their departure creates. We also provide a service for retaining departing individuals as part time contract SMEs.

Finding skilled trades workers is a very large problem getting larger. It is an unfortunate fact today’s replacements for retiring skilled workers often do not have the time on the job needed to meet needed levels of performance, and the highly complex and custom equipment and work processes do not lend themselves to any kind of generalized training.

Decades of Experience

Our decades of ILT and CBT training experience have taught us that training is boring and rapidly forgotten once the test for completion is passed. Mandated training is not particularly job function relevant and is not customized effectively to provide the level of knowledge needed to get most jobs done correctly or safely.

A Smarter System

Workers can have a number of reasons for not being on their game at the wrong time. If they are tired or angry or just plain inattentive they can make a mistake that will kill them or bring a production function to a halt. Our RTTS system is smart enough to provide the worker with the information that will guide them to do a task right. The system is “smart” because it can see what the worker is doing and provide needed information at precisely the right time to ensure the work is done correctly and safely.


Our unique patented indexing technology allows our software to manage, distribute, and present content that supports job functions in real time.  Our indexing allows users to access any part of content instantaneously by using parameters such as what the user is looking at along with simple hand gestures.  By distributing content based on users’ proximity, training history, and other content attributes, our low-latency indexing minimizes response times to provide a successful interactive AR user interface.

Besides content, the system supports such things as audio/video instruction and schematics. For example, the system can recognize from what a worker is looking at and a simple hand gesture what specific content is needed to lead the worker through a diagnostic, repair or maintenance task. If a call to an SME is needed, the remote expert can see on their computer or mobile device what the worker is looking at lead them through the steps needed for successful completion of a task.

The company is building on a library of skilled trades assessment content which can tell us what basic skills training contents needs to be worked into the training/support modules being implemented for any given set of workers and tasks.

Partial list of companies that have employed the services of our personnel;

  • Chevron North America
  • Chevron Nigeria Mid-Africa
  • Chevron Bangladesh
  • Chevron Kazakhstan
  • Chevron Singapore
  • Saudi Aramco
  • Boeing
  • Freeport McMoran Indonesia
  • Freeport McMoran US mining
  • Air Liquide
  • Miller/Coors Brewing US and Canada
  • Alyeska Pipeline
  • Tesoro Refineries
  • Conoco Phillips 66
  • Harvard / Yale Universities •
  • VA Hospitals
  • US Military
  • US Pentagon
  • L3 Communications
  • Northrup Grumman
  • Bridegestone/Firestone
  • Perdue Farms
  • Marathon Ashland Petroleum
  • Sunoco
  • Morton Salt
  • Oceanworks Engineering / Vancover, Canada
  • Kellogg’s