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Products & Services

We provide products and services essential to giving skilled trades personnel on the floor the information they need when they need it to do their jobs effectively and safely. These are:


Software to manage, distribute, and present content that supports mobile Augmented Reality (AR) applications. Workers get what they need based on what they see and for all types of tasks, such as maintenance, troubleshooting or repair.


SME real time support. In addition to using our experts we provide a service to recruit and equip customer skilled trades retirees with the on the job knowledge to bridge the gap between the knowledge needed to complete tasks and what is documented.


Detailed training content customized to the specific needs of the customer and each work function. Provision of schematics and equipment manufacturer information are two of many customizations we provide.

AR Headsets

AR headsets and related functionality to communicate in real time with SMEs as needed to successfully complete tasks. We can implement solutions using customer’s existing AR headsets, or those they wish us to employ.

Typical Customer Engagement

RTTS development includes customized job support content development along with incorporation of relevant standard training content.

Projects will typically involve the following phases:

Current System Review

We will visit your sites to determine how our solution fit your needs. It is expected that during this phase we will review current training content to determine how to implement it in the new system. Another key consideration will be if and how to implement real time SME support. The output of this phase will be a project plan and cost estimate for system development and implementation, which is likely to be a pilot program. Full implementation follows.

General Design

This phase will consist of the paid design of the system. It will include selected hardware and detailed design of the applications. One key output of this phase will be the plan and cost for system implementation.


In this phase we will implement and install the system. Implementation may run in more than one phase if it is desired to implement a prototype before a full system implementation.

Post Implementation Support

We will create the system of SME contacts and contact procedures and system monitoring to tune content and sequence as needed to keep it current.