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Providing Real-Time Knowledge and SME Support to Skilled Trades Workers

Who We Are

We are a team of AR Experts, Software engineers and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with decades of experience consulting to large industrial companies, teaching trade skills and providing real time support for complex or dangerous tasks.

Augmented Reality(AR) is used to implement real time task support for skilled trades workers who need both hands to do their jobs. We are providing assistance to skilled trade workers using AR to complete their jobs correctly and safely.

What We Do

We provide off the shelf and customized Augmented Reality based solutions to industrial organizations for skilled trades personnel requiring the use of both hands to do their work but who need information or real time SME support to successfully and safely complete tasks.

Why We Are Unique

We blend advanced technology with experienced SMEs that have taught skills training for decades in classroom settings. Our solutions deliver assistance to users in immersive work environments that enhance their productivity and safety.

Why Our Customers Like us

We offer targeted, cost effective implementation of AR based solutions.
We are morphing just-in-time-training (JITT) into real-time-task-support (RTTS).